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  • Numenera Character Creator on Google Play

    September 26th, 2013

    The Numenera Character Creator app is up for sale now in the Google Play store! Get it here → The PC/Mac versions are coming soon! Read more...

    Version 4 Updates for Numenera Character Creator

    September 24th, 2013

    We've been working to get these updates out for the Numenera Character Creator app as soon as possible, and we are very thankful to all of you who let us know about issues, questions, and suggestions. Here's what we have for the Version 4 updates. Abilities that give permanent enhancementsRead more...

    Numenera App Temporarily Removed in US

    September 19th, 2013

    Good news! We're distributing the iOS version of the Numenera Character Creator app to Numenera's international backers over the weekend! Bad news! The app will be temporarily unavailable in the United States until the morning of Monday, September 23rd. We apologize for the inconvenieRead more...

    Numenera Character Creator App FAQ

    July 29th, 2013

    We are so very close to completing the Numenera Character Creator app, and we have been receiving a lot of really great questions pertaining to it. We decided to make a FAQ to help answer some of these questions. You'll find the Numenera Character Creator app FAQ here. Our Character Creator aRead more...

    Spell App for Kobold Press

    June 29th, 2013

    All of us here at 3lb Games are thrilled to be working with Kobold Press. Our Creative Director, Colin McComb, is also very delighted to be working with Kobold Press AGAIN. We are wrapping the Numenera app right now, and we're excited to deliver a new way for you to thumb through your spellbook.Read more...