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You may have noticed while clicking around on the site that we are mentioning here and there about a new app in development for Numenera. Numenera is a brand-new, science fantasy rpg by Monte Cook set in the distant future. It focuses on story and ideas over mechanics. Monte Cook has been a writer for almost 25 years. Most of that time, he designed tabletop role playing games, but he has also published novels, short stories, comics, and nonfiction. Numenera in a high level overview is essentially this:

Numenera is a science fantasy roleplaying game set in the far distant future. Humanity lives amid the remnants of eight great civilizations that have risen and fallen on Earth. These are the people of the Ninth World. This new world is filled with remnants of all the former worlds: bits of nanotechnology, the dataweb threaded among still-orbiting satellites, bio-engineered creatures, and myriad strange and wondrous devices. These remnants have become known as the numenera.

Player characters explore this world of mystery and danger to find these leftover artifacts of the past, not to dwell upon the old ways, but to help forge their new destinies, utilizing the so-called “magic” of the past to create a promising future.


The game system itself is designed to be quick and easy for beginners, while offering additional complexity for those who desire it. To start with, character creation involves making three basic choices. The three features you choose combine to create a unique, well-rounded character. Players wanting the ability to configure their character more completely have that option as well. These three choices help shape your character, providing not only abilities and skills but also possibilities for interesting backgrounds and unique bonds with the other player characters. In other words, at every step of the way, the story is as important as the mechanics.

We at 3lb Games are working on a character creator app to help players setup and design their own unique characters for the game in a convenient, simple and fun way. Our app will include everything needed to let you create and customize your character including type, descriptor, focus, skills, equipment, and more. And the best part about our app is that it will be cross platform so you can use it on pretty much anything: iPhone, iPad, Android, and all web browsers.

Keep checking back with us and our co-founder, Colin McComb’s blog for updates. You can also check Colin’s blog for more information on another game he’s currently working on, Torment: Tides of Numenera. Torment continues the thematic legacy of the critically acclaimed Planescape: Torment, set in Monte Cook’s new tabletop role-playing world of Numenera.

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  • Roland Frank Perry
    June 4, 2013 at 4:47 pm
    I'm a backer of the kickstarter and will be getting that app when it's out. If you need any help testing it out I would be happy to assist.

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