FPS.h.a.r.k. Press Kit

General Info

Developer and Publisher: 3lb Games
Release Date: December 2015
Genre: Exploration, Adventure, Educational
Website: 3lbgames.com
Price: Free
Age Rating: E for Everyone
Email: info@3lbgames.com
Name: Robin Moulder / Colin McComb
Mobile: 313-377-0428
Email: rmm@3lbgames.com
Press kit: http://3lbgames.com/fpshark-press-kit/
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Game Description

FPS.h.a.r.k. (First Person Super Handy Aquatic Robot Kit)
As the controller of a Super Handy Aquatic Robot Kit, your mission is to explore the seabed with your team of microbots and discover exotic fish species – for SCIENCE! But fish aren’t the only thing you’ll find in the deeps… treasure awaits!
Explore the open ocean and deep dark caves to find sunken treasure chests, lost riches, rare crystals, and the occasional boot. Complete missions for bonus loot, track down every fish in the sea, and upgrade your systems into the ultimate exploration machine. The ocean is yours to explore…where will you go?


  • Discover a multitude species of sea life and learn interesting facts about them
  • Find beautiful crystals and other various treasures with the help of your trusty microbots
  • Explore the sandy seafloor, underwater caves, and vast ocean canyons
  • Upgrade your S.h.a.r.k. systems to become better, faster and more advanced
  • Undertake special missions and complete them for extra rewards
  • Collect unique cards for the sea life, microbots and your S.h.a.r.k. system – can you finish the entire collection?

Learn about some of the different species of fish that live in the Caribbean Sea, while finding sunken treasures and buried riches! Maintain your deep sea exploration drone, and use your well-gotten gains to upgrade your various systems to be better, faster, smarter! Your miniature army of microbots will help you out every step of the way with devices like plasma cutters and mining drills.


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Branding Art

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FPShark Logo
FPShark Icon
3lb Games Long Logo
3lb Games Logo

Concept Art and Microbots

Click here to download concept art, microbot images, and microbot icons. The zip will contain more images than what is shown here.

3D Printed Characters

Here’s a little something unique that we offer. Take a look at the 3D printed characters from our games! They are extremely cool.

3D Printed Fish
3D Printed Microbot

About 3lb Games

3lb Games has been providing innovative software solutions since 2008. Whether through the development of iOS and Android applications, Unity cross-platform development, or through Java Enterprise applications, 3lb Games hides words in its mission statements to see who’s reading. The company offers intelligent choices backed by years of consulting expertise, cat herding and complete project management services.


Robin Moulder-McComb: Producer and Sound
Cordelia Shemo Wolf: 3D and Texture Art
Chris Castaldi: Unity Development and Programming
Christina Irwin: Graphic design and UI Art
Jennifer Gomez: Concept Art and Texture Art