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Vault of Stars

Vault of Stars: A new adventure by Colin McComb, creative lead of Torment: Tides of Numenera!

Darkness descends. The Zodiac dims and the gods die. The constellation of the Stag, Lord of the Forest, has fallen to the Island of Souls, destroying the World Tree, and releasing the entropy of the Void across the archipelago.

You must cleanse the island of the Void’s corruption and restore the World Tree to health. Only then will you be ready to confront the spirit of the corrupted Stag.

Vault of Stars is a VR-ready adventure, driven by exploration and puzzle-solving.

We’re using the suite of 3lb Games’ VR toolsets to deliver a new experience for Oculus and Vive, and plan to make it playable on PC as well.

VR Movement System 2.0 for SteamVR

The VR Movement System 2.0 for SteamVR is very similar to our VR Movement System 2.0 for Oculus except that it works with HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. The VR Movement System 2.0 for SteamVR will be coming to the Unity Asset Store very soon. We are also working on a demo for this system which will be available on our site in the near future. Check back for more info!