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Twilight on the Island of Souls: A new adventure by Colin McComb, creative lead of Torment: Tides of Numenera!

Darkness descends. The Zodiac dims and the gods die. The constellation of the Stag, Lord of the Forest, has fallen to the Island of Souls, destroying the World Tree, and releasing the entropy of the Void across the archipelago.

You must cleanse the island of the Void’s corruption and restore the World Tree to health. Only then will you be ready to confront the spirit of the corrupted Stag.

Twilight on the Island of Souls is a VR-ready adventure, driven by exploration and puzzle-solving.

We’re using the suite of 3lb Games’ VR toolsets to deliver a new experience for Oculus and Vive, and plan to make it playable on PC as well.

Space Dragon


What could be more amazing than space and dragons? In this bizarre but extremely fun VR game, you will become twin celestial dragons blasting through space while destroying solar systems and shooting down armies of alien craft with your dragon beams. It’s quite a trip that you must experience yourself to appreciate the awesome power of celestial dragons! Space Dragon is now available through Early Access on the Oculus Store.

Raid Healer


Mind the health bars! In Raid Healer you will play the most important role in any raiding party – the healer. It will be your job to keep your raiding companions alive and defeat the toughest of dungeons bosses.
Raid Healer is our newest game in development for iOS and Android devices. If you are a fan of MMOs or playing healing class characters, you will not want to miss out on this game!