More than 700 new spells for the Pathfinder RPG, all easily sorted, filtered, and available when you need them! Based on the 376-page Deep Magic hardcover, this reference ebook gives you everything you need to cast the right spell at the right moment–or to research, filter, and choose the right spells for your character or NPC.

The Deep Magic ebook collects all the new categories of magic found in the $49.99 Deep Magic volume, at a fraction of the price. Includes new styles of spells, including:

  • Archer Magic
  • Blood Magic
  • Chaos Magic
  • Clockwork Magic
  • Demonic Magic
  • Dragon Magic
  • Dwarven Magic
  • Rakshasa Magic
  • Shadow Magic
  • Time Magic
  • Vril Magic

Spells for every single class in the Pathfinder RPG, from wizard, paladin, and cleric to inquisitor, magus, anti-paladin, and shaman! Get the full text of the Deep Magic spells now, use them at your game table tonight!