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It’s a fish frenzy! Clear the levels in record time to beat your friends, or while away some time with the Endless Mode, tapping the fish to send them flying! But you’ll need to be careful and quick to avoid Pufferton the Pufferfish, and you’ll need quick reflexes to get Wattson the Eel before he electrifies you. Just remember: when fish go flying, sharks will investigate the commotion!
Yellow Fish (Frank)
The basic fish, all it needs is a good poke to send it flying!
Blue Fish (Fergie)
A speedy little fish that swims erratically, worth double points!
Red Fish (Freddy)
A tough fish that’s in no hurry, double the pokes for double the points.
Puffer Fish (Pufferton)
Watch out for these, if they go pop they take away points and fish!
Golden Fish (Midas)
These lucky little fish give a bonus to points, but they’re quick!
Sea Turtle (Sheldon)
The graceful turtle protects any fish nearby until his shield is down.
Electric Eel (Wattson)
The eel is worth double points, but don’t poke it when it’s electrified!
Clownfish (Finny McGee)
Clownfish parties are a blast!
Sharky (Chompers)
Where sharky goes, fish get eaten. Get him before he gets all your fish!

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