Kid Words!


  • Developer: 3lb Games
  • Publisher: 3lb Games
  • Genre: Education/Kids Learning App
  • Platforms: iPhone, iPad


Reviewed by Wired’s GeekDad!

KidWords 3.0 is here and full of new sounds and features!

A fun game to teach your kids how to spell! Identify the brightly colored images on top, and use the picker below to spell the word. Having trouble with a word? Turn on the Voice setting, or set it up to speak the name of the image automatically!

Choose from 3, 4, 5, or 6-letter words (or set it on Random), and try to beat the clock to get a high score!

Current Features:

  • Configurable Voice setting (slider volume plus Auto, Touch and Off)
  • Configurable Music setting (slider volume, On/Off)
  • Configurable Sound Effects setting (slider volume, On/Off)
  • Reward animation and sound for getting the word correct: Rocketships, butterflies, flowers, balloons, stars, and fireworks!
  • Word shown and spoken again when user runs out of time for a word (re-enforcing learning)
  • Easy, Medium, Hard, or Random levels for help with spelling, and a hint button if you really get stuck.
  • Hinted letters are easy to see and locked in place.
  • The full version contains over 170 colorful, original hand-drawn images
  • High Score screen!
  • Easily configurable!

Tested, approved, and demanded by kids between 2-12 years old.

NOW Available Kidwords Spanish!

English interface – American English spelling

What’s New in Version 3.0

This version provides new features!

  • If the user gets the word wrong and the timer expires, we’ll show you how to spell it with an animation. If you have activated Voice in the Settings, we’ll speak the word too.
  • We’ve added sounds and animations as a reward for getting a word right:
    • Rocket ships fly across the screen with rocket sounds
    • Butterfly floats to harp music
    • Flowers appear to the sound of a music box
    • Balloons float up with a cartoon sound
    • Fireworks explode with crackle and boom
    • Stars appear to a shimmering sound

Technical issues resolved:

  • Major bug fix on Settings change from higher number of letters to lower.
  • Optimized image display for lower memory footprint.