Kiki’s Matching Game


  • Developer: 3lb Games
  • Publisher: 3lb Games
  • Genre: Education/Kids Learning App
  • Platforms: iPhone, iPad


Make Spanish fun!

Kiki is the only language-learning matching game in the App Store that speaks AND spells the touched words.

Toddlers can play the easiest levels, while adults will be challenged to improve their memory on the most difficult—check out the screenshots.

32 different tiles (and Spanish words to learn) are included.

Highly adjustable game features let you control the layout, sound, and delivery.

Expansion packs are coming soon!

Plus: We have monkeys!


  • Adjustable language settings
  • English Only
  • English-Spanish mixed
  • Spanish only
  • Three music tracks
  • Adjustable music volume
  • Adjustable voice volume
  • Adjustable effects volume
  • Random tile backing sets
  • Adjustable game boards, each with a high score board:
    • 3×4
    • 4×5
    • 5×6
    • 6×7

What’s New in Version 2.0

10 new images!