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In Raid Healer you play as the healer for your group of dungeon raiders while they fight a large and dangerous boss monster. The boss’s only goal is to stomp your little fellows into dirt. The bosses will be tough and have devastating abilities, but you will have your own arsenal of life giving spells to keep your raiding group alive!

Being a healer isn’t just about tossing spells left and right with abandon. It will take some strategic thinking and mana management to make sure you can cast the spells you need on your buddies who are taking a beating. The tanks are usually the main target but the bosses will also occasionally attack or cast an ability on your damage dealers too. So you will need to keep a close on eye on every single raid member as well as your mana bar.

Healing won’t be the only thing there is to do in Raid Healer. There will also be a crafting system that allows you to progress your raiding members. Spirit Stones are the primary method of doing this, and each stone has a type (tank, melee, ranged, caster) and a rarity (common, uncommon, rare, and epic). Crafting allows you to take a Spirit Stone and merge two other Spirit Stones into it to make it stronger. The advantage of doing so is that it allows you to change the stones’ types. Say you need more levels for your tank but you have mostly ranged stones. You could craft them to change the type, and it also upgrades the rarity of the stone. Higher rarity stones have a better chance of unlocking gear sets, which allow you to customize the look of your raiders.

We will have more info on Raid Healer as development continues so please check back for more!


*Note* These screenshots are not from the final build.