This is a comprehensive movement system for the HTC Vive, though it can be modified for other VR headsets. It includes the following modes:

  • Hand-Guided Movement Mode
  • Point and Shoot Rotation
  • Teleportation (NavMesh)
  • Flight/Grounded Mode
  • Forward Blink Mode
  • Line Arc System
  • Rubberband Movement (in development)
  • VR Fade System

Hand-Guided Movement Mode
Your movement follows the direction you point the controller. Point forward to go forward; point left and you drift that direction.

Point-and-Shoot Rotation Mode
This rotation mode is best for quick player turns in VR. Simply point the controller in the direction you want to face and press the button.

Teleportation Mode
This simple teleportation scheme can work with a NavMesh, Tagged Colliders, or any other Colliders. Teleportation contains a fading system.

Flight/Grounded Mode
This is a standard FPS movement system that allows you to determine whether the camera is attached to a fixed point above the ground or has freedom of mobility. That is, you can determine whether the camera will move along the ground/terrain or fly.

Forward-Blink Mode
The character blinks (teleports) to a determinable point.

Line Arc System
A utility script that allows you to draw lines using the line renderer. This system connects two points together and generates a parabola. You travel along that path.

Rubberband Movement
A new, unique system that allows you to place a point. From this point, your speed and direction are based on the distance and location you drag the controller.

VR Fade System
Enable a fade for rotation or teleportation fade-out/fade-in. This works with most headsets. The shader is included.