Space Dragon Press Kit

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General Info

Developer and Publisher: 3lb Games
Release Date: Early Access January 11, 2017
Genre: Arcade, Exploration
Price: $14.99
Age Rating: E for Everyone
Name: Robin Moulder / Colin McComb
Mobile: 313-377-0428
Press kit:

Click here to download the Space Dragon Info PDF. This PDF will contain all the info on this page excluding the images which can be downloaded separately.

Game Description

Have you ever wanted to destroy the world? How about ten worlds? Twenty?

On January 11, 2017, you can take control of a pair of hatchling space dragons and blast your way through the cosmos with our innovative move-and-warp system. Devour planets for health, fight against robotic armadas, and destroy the shielded suns that power your enemies. When you’ve done that, tear through the mind-bending warp space to reach vast arrays of new solar systems! The newest version has all new levels, brand-new bosses, and fresh new music!

Space Dragon is a new endless play VR game in full 3D from 3lb Games LLC. The early access version 2.0 is for the Oculus Touch. We use our revolutionary VR movement scripts to mitigate the risk of motion sickness, so you can rocket through the stars!

Early Access Version 2.0 will be available exclusively through the Oculus store for $14.99.


Branding Art

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3lb Games Logo

Promo Art

About 3lb Games

3lb Games has been providing innovative software solutions since 2008. Whether through the development of iOS and Android applications, Unity cross-platform development, or through Java Enterprise applications, 3lb Games hides words in its mission statements to see who’s reading. The company offers intelligent choices backed by years of consulting expertise, cat herding and complete project management services.


Robin Moulder-McComb: Producer, Soundblaster, Cosmic Composer (Production and Audio)
Chris Castaldi: Dragon Visionary, Destroyer of Worlds, Warp Speed Master (Programming and Game Design)
Cordelia Shemo Wolf: Mother of Dragons, Organizer of Worlds, Death From Above (3D and Technical Art)
Christina Irwin: Beautification Committee, Font Savant, The Ever-Patient (UI and Logo Design)
Colin McComb: General of Complaints and Feedback, Documentation Overseer (Executive Production)