Space Dragon Press Kit

General Info

Developer and Publisher: 3lb Games
Release Date: Original Early Access for Oculus in January 2017, Full Release for Oculus and Steam – 6 December 2017
Genre: Arcade, Shooter
Price: $14.99
Age Rating: E for Everyone, Fantasy Violence
Name: Colin McComb
Press kit:

Hey, YouTubers!

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Game Description

Take control of a pair of young space dragons on a VR quest for revenge! Use your devastating firepower to annihilate robotic armadas, destroy the planets they use for power, challenge unique bosses, and scour star systems as you carve your way through the galaxy. And if riding dragons through a virtual reality star system sounds like a recipe for nausea, no worry! Our unique move-and-warp system mitigates motion sickness, letting you rocket through the stars with glee.

Space Dragon is a VR game from 3lb Games LLC, releasing from Early Access on December 6. The full release adds even more dragony goodness – including boss fights, brand-new epic music, and significant graphics and UI updates. Experience the thrill of commanding space dragons and destroying every planet you see!

Space Dragon will be released on Steam and Oculus for $14.99 on December 6.


Branding Art

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3lb Games Logo

Promo Art

About 3lb Games

3lb Games has been providing innovative software solutions since 2008. We specialize in VR application development, with assets available on the Unity store for cross-platform use (including our innovative movement system). We also develop Java Enterprise applications, creative game solutions, and narrative consulting. 3lb Games hides jokes in its mission statements for careful readers. The company also offers discounted cat herding services.


Robin Moulder-McComb: Production Lead, Sound Development Lead, Game Design
Chris Castaldi: Programming Lead, Game Design
Cordelia Wolf: Art Lead, Level Design, Game Design
Colin McComb: Production, Game Design
Christina Irwin: UI and Promotional Art

Todd Thornley: 3D Art
Josiah Wolf: Testing and Design
Marvin Tischler: Texture Art
Mark Damian: Music
Chris Serani: Testing
Nate Laitinen: Animation