Numenera Character Creator App FAQ

We are so very close to completing the Numenera Character Creator app, and we have been receiving a lot of really great questions pertaining to it. We decided to make a FAQ to help answer some of these questions. You’ll find the Numenera Character Creator app FAQ here.

Numenera Characters

Our Character Creator app is much more than just an easy and fun way to create characters for Numenera. It’s also an “at-table tool.” You’ll also be able to update and change your character stats throughout the game, add and remove abilities, equipment and skills, upgrade your character’s tier and more. Our FAQ explains more about the features included.

Keep checking back with us and at for updates, info, and upcoming release date.

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  • Mike
    August 3, 2013 at 12:32 pm
    Hi All, When I got my form to pick what device I was using the app on I only had a computer to use. Now I have been gifted a Nook HD and will be using it. Will my PC app work on this device or do I need to re-order or re-buy as the case maybe? Didn't see anything like this in the FAQ so if there was sorry, I just probably missed it. Thank you, Mike

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