Version 4 Updates for Numenera Character Creator


We’ve been working to get these updates out for the Numenera Character Creator app as soon as possible, and we are very thankful to all of you who let us know about issues, questions, and suggestions. Here’s what we have for the Version 4 updates.

  • Abilities that give permanent enhancements (such as Might/Intellect/Speed Pool, Edge, or Effort) are now automatically added into your character’s stats.
    For existing characters, this upgrade will change your *base stats* to include the enhancements, but your current spendable Pool will not be modified. If your character has additional current points, please increase them manually.
  • An “In use” check box is now available to note that the ability is in-use. Temporary ability enhancements now give you Might/Intellect/Speed Pool enhancements, Might/Intellect/Speed Edge, and Effort when the ability is marked “In use”. If the ability provides temporary enhancements, you’ll need to click on the ability on your Abilities tab. If a temporary ability is “off”, the enhancement will be removed from your stats. Current points not used during the ability enhancement will also be removed.
  • Bug Fix: There are five checkmarks for the upgrade checklist. You need to complete only four of the five items for an upgrade. if you *currently* have a character with four of the five selected, you will still need to complete all five for the current tier. The change will take effect on the next tier upgrade.
  • Optimized background images and removed background images from Character creation pages to speed the app.
  • Fixed the Edit button! (hooray! but please send a note to us if you find more issues)
  • Fixed a couple of incorrectly awarded items, including “Speed defense tasks against any incoming attack that uses metal” that was incorrectly given to the descriptor “Fuses Flesh and Steel”. This will be removed from existing characters during upgrade.
  • Changed default character to have a different weapon only on new application install.

And many of you will be pleased to know that we are planning a print character feature, and the ability to transfer characters between apps!

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