Raid Healer in Development


You are the master healer of a monster raiding party in our new app game, Raid Healer!

Do you enjoy playing a priest, cleric, medic or other type of healing class in RPGs? Perhaps you have played a healer before in MMORPGs, and kept your entire raid group alive through those grueling boss battles. Are you the best there ever was at monitoring and maintaining health bars? If you answered yes to any of these, then Raid Healer is just the game for you.

Our new app game in development makes you the powerful healer of a raiding party who’s goal is to take down all the dungeon bosses and collect epic loot. What’s even better is that your party members are monsters and mythical creatures! There is much more to Raid Healer than just healing though. We are also implementing a crafting system, and lots of different equipment to unlock for your party members too.

We will be adding more info about Raid Healer from time to time as development progresses, so please check back for more updates!

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