Movement System for Oculus Touch and HTC Vive

The VR Movement System for Oculus Touch and HTC Vive is a movement script we created to help abate the motion sickness endemic to virtual reality (VR). We’ve built a suite of tools to aid developers in choosing the most appropriate movement system for their game or application.


The system allows users to better signal their intent to move. We improve the connection between their intention and their perception.

By eliminating sensory conflict, we can significantly reduce one of the biggest contributors to motion sickness. When intent is aligned with action, the process of VR movement feels both intuitive and natural. Unlike other movement systems, this package contains a number of different movements for a broad range of games. You can even mix and match some of them to create a unique locomotion system.


This is the first asset ever approved for the Oculus Touch in the Unity Asset Store.

The movement system is a comprehensive package for the Oculus Touch and the HTC Vive. It can also be modified for other VR headsets. It includes the following modes:

  • Hand-Guided Movement
  • Point and Shoot Rotation
  • Teleportation (NavMesh)
  • Flight/Grounded
  • Stick Rotation (Oculus Touch only)
  • Quick Stick Rotate (Oculus Touch only)
  • Forward Blink
  • Non-Touch (Oculus Touch only)
  • Line Arc System
  • Rubberband Movement
  • VR Fade System

Sources are included.

Our goal in creating this system and making it available to other developers is to create a common language and experience base for VR development. We intend to build a natural, immersive VR experience that will eliminate motion sickness in this exciting new medium.

You can check out the Oculus Touch version here on the Unity Asset Store, and the HTC Vive version here.


VR Movement System for Oculus Touch:


VR Movement System for HTC Vive:


We have updated our VR Movemennt Systems to Version 2.0! Click the buttons below to see what’s new and try out the demos. The SteamVR version will work with HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality.

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