VR Sea Legs – Update 11

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Content Unlocked!

Zero Gravity
For the final unlock we discover that our Inventor has more than one way to get around the lab… she can turn off gravity and use zero-G thrusters to zip about! We planned this last because users who don’t have experience in VR movement frequently find zero-G thrusters unsettling. At this point in the game, our players should have their VR Sea Legs and be ready to take on exciting new VR games and experiences with little to no VR sickness. They know which types of movement they prefer, and they now know what to look for when they are buying games.

Production Status:
We worked on the advanced level for Shadows of the Vault. Let me give you a little background first.

Vault of Stars is a first-person exploration and puzzle-focused VR story game in early development, written by Colin McComb, creative lead of Torment: Tides of Numenera. The barrier that holds back the Void has fallen, and the Shadows are swarming into the Vault of Stars. As a mote of starlight sent by the gods of the Zodiac, you must find a way to stop the spread of corruption before it finds the path from the Vault to the worlds of life beyond.
Shadows of the Vault is an event set before the Vault of Stars story.

In SeaLegs, you are another mote that has been called down to investigate long-forgotten ruins. You discover unsettling shadow activity and the first signs of the coming catastrophe. The barrier protecting the world from the Void is weakening, and the shadows have begun corrupting the Vault.

Shiny light puzzles!


We also added some fish to the Lab!


The news of our work with Monomi Park on Slime Rancher VR Playground has spread like wildfire! We’re pretty excited, and we’re using some of this energy to fuel our VR SeaLegs marketing. We are looking forward to shipping as soon as possible, since Santa Cruz is right around the corner. Our goal is to make sure all the new players get their sea legs so they can truly enjoy the VR experience.

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