VR Sea Legs – Update 13

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Production Status:

The Lab: We extended the lab area. The player is pulled out of the digital world and into a robot body, and now first arrives in a transport room near the research area. This gives the player more time to practice the hand-guided movement system and provides more opportunities to interact, craft, and explore. When the player has completed the lab objectives, it’s time for the first trip to Seaside Town.

Shadows of the Vault: We have expanded this level to include a story introduction with basic skills training prior to being sent down to fulfill your mission. This change allowed us to provide an enriched experience with more complex puzzles and environment.

SPECTER training: We’ve completed level blockout and a preliminary play-through of this area. We’re placing key art assets to provide a general feel for each area, and will be updating the flow accordingly. We’re also finalizing mechanics and figuring out how to keep the level working as both a straightforward action shooter and a stealth-based espionage mission.

Methodology: Using the systems we designed for rapid prototyping, we’re in the process of designing a series of studies to validate our methodology. This will guide us in determining the timing of new elements and how we introduce the movement systems, in what order, and the efficacy of the training.

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