GroKit Core: The tools that made Grokit

If you’ve played the game Grokit, you’ve already held 3lbXR’s spatial computing platform GroKit Core in your hands.

3lb Games makes the most of the GroKit Core platform’s hand-tracking integration in Grokit, a multiplayer, mixed reality game with multiple modes and levels and killer music and graphics.

Each of the microgames inside Grokit employs a different gesture. In Chomp, the hands become giant shark mitts that you use to … chomp … the many beautiful fish swimming around your living room.

For Claws Out, your hands are giant kitty paws, with claws you can extend to snag some pretty butterflies in the Spring Sting edition of the game.

In Force Bees, you pull bees toward you, then push to launch them at giant sunflowers.

These playful modes are supported by the GroKit Core hand tracking integration. It’s just one of the features of the platform that makes building great games and gamified content for business easy. GroKit Core also includes integrations for mixed reality & scene understanding, networking support for multiplayer communication & collaboration, generative AI, and of course, hand tracking. And it’s compatible with any Virtual or Extended Reality platform supported by Unity, including Meta, Pico, and Apple Vision Pro.

GroKit Core’s easy-to-use tools and GroBlocks (preconfigured starter components) put these advanced features – such as multiplayer and hand-tracking – within reach of people who know how to design and create fantastic games, but might not have the coding chops or a dev team. GroKit Core is a full-code solution with a low-code implementation.

But can we talk some more about Grokit? Not only does Grokit make the most of GroKit Core’s hand tracking integration, it also shows off mixed reality to great effect. The team is constantly changing it up with the season, making for an always fresh play environment. Spookit and Winter Blast preceded the March 2024 Spring Sting edition, which delivers on the fanciful spirit of the season. Who wouldn’t want to catch butterflies floating all around their living room?

Grokit truly showcases the capabilities of GroKit Core and illustrates how developers across a range of skill levels can implement the most cutting-edge features out there. Now that you know you have the latest tools at your command, what will you create?

Learn more about Grokit the game and Grokit Core.

Written by 3lb Games Staff

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