3lb Games is a games studio based in Michigan, co-founded by musician and sound engineer Robin Moulder (Jack Off Jill, TCR) & acclaimed game writer Colin McComb (Torment: Tides of Numenera, Planescape: Torment, Fallout 2).


Our games include Grokit, a mixed reality hand-tracking party game utilizing the latest in XR technology, Space Dragon, a throwback bullet hell arcade shooter with a rocking soundtrack from Robin Moulder, and Vault of Stars, a celestial single-player adventure that received an Oculus Launch Pad scholarship.


We have worked exclusively in XR development since 2016, shipping titles on multiple platforms (Meta Quest, SteamVR, Oculus Rift, and Pico)  We have also collaborated with other companies to build immersive virtual and mixed reality experiences across a wide variety of industry verticals such as gaming, fitness, education, healthcare, logistics, and more.


Working with our partners, we’ve developed XR Workout, a virtual and mixed reality hand-tracking fitness app for Meta Quest, brought indie hit Slime Rancher into VR with Slime Rancher VR Playground on Steam, and created VR applications for companies including Henkel, Xenon VR, Tucson Medical Center, and the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas. 


In 2022 we launched 3lbXR, with the mission to accelerate the XR ecosystem. In early 2024, 3lbXR introduced GroKit Core, a spatial computing & AI platform built on the principles of game design, to give enterprises and developers across all industry verticals a tool to create fully realized, XR applications and immersive business solutions.


3lb has been fully remote since 2008 with our team spread across the country. We believe that Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality will change the way we interact with all aspects of life from gaming and entertainment to healthcare, career development, and much more. The world of XR is a platform where we can create innovative, meaningful experiences that cannot be matched in any other form. 

Legacy Projects