According to the US Fire Administration, there were over 3,655 deaths and 1.3 million fires in 2018. When disaster strikes, will your employees know how to respond to mitigate damage and save lives?


Fire Safety VR trains your employees to know how to prevent fires, and in the worst case, how to react quickly and appropriately if a fire breaks out. Experience randomized scenarios covering the different classes of fires and how to approach each one correctly.

Benefits and Objectives

  • Teach employees to think quickly in the face of danger and increase employee confidence through repetition
  • Practice PASS procedure for using fire extinguisher without wasting equipment
    • Using an Extinguisher? Remember P.A.S.S.


  • Module includes randomized scenarios for Class A, B, and C fires in workplace situations
  • Fires reacts to employee’s use of fire extinguisher based on recommendations from Fire Equipment Manufacturer’s Association
  • Fire Safety VR runs on the Oculus Quest VR Headset

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