Coming soon to Oculus and SteamVR!

Adventures on Dragontooth Isle is a colorful and fun first-person VR Action-RPG set in a world where everyone you meet is a mythical beast. You and a group of curious travelers find yourself stranded on a long-forgotten island with ancient ruins, strange creatures, and lost treasure. With the help of the others, create new settlements atop the ruins of the past, set out to explore the far reaches and deep places, and uncover the mystery of why the island was abandoned long ago.

  • Create a base camp on the island, which can be upgraded over time into a sprawling village.
  • Explore the hand-crafted world to collect resources for your villages, find new villagers to aid you, seek hidden treasures, and uncover forgotten lore.
  • Discover dungeons to face challenging bosses and their minions and take their loot!
  • Collect treasure and special materials to create stronger weapons and armor.
  • Fight in real time with your own skills! Grasp your weapons directly in your hands and swing your sword, block with your shield, shoot your gun, or throw your rabid flying squirrel, all with your own physical movements.
  • Interact directly with an immersive world. Grab handles to open doors and chests, use tools to gather and craft, bring food and potions to your mouth to eat, and more!
  • Play how you want, with no set classes. Choose from an array of weapon types, gaining power based on your actions, with the freedom to switch styles at any time.

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*Note* These screenshots are not from the final build.