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Shattered Tower

Shattered Tower is a cooperative multiplayer/single-player puzzle adventure for the Oculus Quest, set in a dazzling fantasy world.

You’re a band of magical familiars, climbing wizards’ towers and mystical ruins, discovering arcane artifacts, and journeying through the concepts of time, space, and magic.

Find runes and artifacts in the dynamic environments to cast powerful spells, unlock impenetrable doors, or discover new routes through these fascinating environments. Uncover the secrets of these worlds and solve their mysteries – alone or with friends – to discover new levels, and adventure through these arcane structures.

VR Sea Legs

For a user in Virtual Reality, the disconnect between what they see on the screen and the actual motion of their bodies causes simulator sickness. When you’re on a boat, you can’t escape – you have no choice but to acclimate to the motion. But in virtual reality, new users often get into intense experiences too quickly and declare, “VR isn’t for me.” They take off their headsets, never to return.

Our VR Sea Legs game will ease you into appropriate experiences, helping you become accustomed to the idea that you control the movement in this new world. VR Sea Legs will increase intensity over time, helping you discover your comfort in different movement styles, and push you into more intense experiences. You’ll adapt more quickly to any new VR experience… giving you your VR Sea Legs!

Each level is a short experience that will train you on player skills including grab and throw interactions, simple crafting, dialog with non-player characters, completing objectives, and (most importantly) movement.

Vault of Stars

Vault of Stars: A new adventure by Colin McComb, creative lead of Torment: Tides of Numenera!

Darkness descends. The Zodiac dims and the gods die. The constellation of the Stag, Lord of the Forest, has fallen to the Island of Souls, destroying the World Tree, and releasing the entropy of the Void across the archipelago.

You must cleanse the island of the Void’s corruption and restore the World Tree to health. Only then will you be ready to confront the spirit of the corrupted Stag.

Vault of Stars is a VR-ready adventure, driven by exploration and puzzle-solving.

We’re using the suite of 3lb Games’ VR toolsets to deliver a new experience for Oculus and Vive, and plan to make it playable on PC as well.

Adventures on Dragontooth Isle

Adventures on Dragontooth Isle is a colorful and fun first-person VR Action-RPG set in a world where everyone you meet is a mythical beast. You and a group of travelers find yourself on a long-forgotten island with ancient ruins, strange creatures, and lost treasure. With the help of the others, create a new settlement atop the ruins of the past, set out to explore the far reaches and deep places, and uncover the mystery of why the island was abandoned long ago.