Experience the Adorable Slimes of Slime Rancher—in VR!

Monomi Park and 3lb Games Announce Free DLC for Slime Rancher


Working together with Monomi Park, we have created a fun new way to experience the Far, Far Range! The Slime Rancher: VR Playground is a free DLC update to Slime Rancher available now on Steam. Explore unique VR playgrounds based off of popular locations in the Far, Far Range and get face-to-face with some of your favorite slimes like: pink, tabby, and phosphor.

Monomi Park originally launched version 1.0 of Slime Rancher in August of 2017. To date, Slime Rancher has received more than a dozen free updates and has been downloaded by over 5 million ranchers! We are happy to have partnered with them to bring yet another free update to the game with a brand new experience in VR!

*Note* These screenshots are not from the final build.