Chomp with sharks for arms!


Coming soon to Oculus!

We’re bringing VR to everybody!

If you’ve ever been on a ship, you’ve felt it – that queasy feeling as your body adjusts to the motions of the waves. After a while, your nausea probably went away – your brain learned to process the difference between your visual input, your actual motion, and the imbalance in your inner ears. In other words: you got your sea legs.

Our VR Sea Legs experience will ease you into the many worlds of virtual reality, helping you become accustomed to the idea that you control the movement in this new world.

You’ll run, fly, swim, and drive as you explore strange new worlds, and you’ll learn how to move in virtual reality. We’re making movement and interaction easy and accessible for everyone.

VR Sea Legs will increase intensity over time, helping you discover your comfort in different movement styles, and push you into more intense experiences. You’ll adapt more quickly to any new VR experience… and you’ll have your VR Sea Legs!


What’s the story?
You’ll be propelled along your journey by the Inventor, a brilliant scientist who has opened portals to other worlds. She needs your help. You’ll explore these new dimensions, and each one will require learning the physics of these amazing new places.

You’ll jump into new bodies, and you’ll take on their challenges. You’ll discover their worlds: a seaside town populated by mythological creatures; a deserted island, where your arms have been replaced by sharks; a spaceship laboratory with an AI core that keeps a corporation’s secrets; and much more!

Each is a quick introduction to another world, another time, another place. In these interactive worlds, you’ll find meet new people and find new gadgets – some of which you can combine to create new objects! You’ll explore, fly, and drive your way through fantasy lands and spaceships alike. You might even discover an ancient cat-god who demands your praise!


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Making a quîche in Seaside Town.

*Note* These screenshots are not from the final build.