Training is Serious Fun

Immersive Games

Gaming provides ways to encourage, inspire, and build critical thinking skills. Interaction and repetition build familiarity with the content.

Benefits include:

  • Improved spatial awareness
  • Better reflexes
  • Memory for task retention
  • Improved sequential recall
  • Engaging progression mechanics

Interactive Training

A virtual, personal coach who never tires or becomes frustrated, one who always offers encouragement and support.


  • Constant evaluation and assessment.
  • Immersive and interactive content keeps trainees engaged and interested.
  • Technology appeals to a younger generation and a broad array of learning styles.
  • Improves task retention.
  • Develop skills in a safe, risk-free environment.
  • Interaction develops familiarity – a vast improvement over video training.

VR Onboarding

VR Onboarding covers the essentials of engaging comfortably with a virtual world. Users learn how to interact with any VR experience after learning the basics of interaction and a variety of movement styles.

Track, Report, and Analyze.

Real-time analytics track student progress and support data-driven decisions using Reality Link, a platform developed by 3lb Games.

VR for Good

Culinary Academy of Las Vegas

In our partnership with CALV, we are developing safe, accurate, and useful original training material tailored to the needs of their students – whether union veterans or brand-new hires.

CALV has a deep pool of potential trainees, with access to a significant part of the Las Vegas hospitality workforce.

With CALV, we can reach major players in Las Vegas – resorts and hotels like MGM Grand, Caesar’s, Bellagio, and dozens more.

Business Model

We partner with educational subject matter experts to create XR gaming software designed to improve educational outcomes, accelerate learning performance, improve job skills, and commercialize training applications.



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