Grok: To understand something intuitively or by empathy.

The Grokit microbot.


A mixed reality social multiplayer hand tracking party game

Inspired by Wario Ware and Mario Party, players are dropped into bizarre situations where they must evaluate and act in a short amount of time. Players will learn many mechanics and get practice using them without needing a lot of guidance. Competition and cooperation with other players will drive the pace and keep things moving.



• Solo or Multiplayer 1-4 players
• Playable in passthrough or virtual reality
• Hand-tracking
• Room presence
• Deterministic physics
• Micro and Mini levels: 20 Sec to 5 Min
• Customizable difficulty
• Unlockable content

A gif of the Chomp game. Players chomp fish with shark arms.

Spring Sting, the latest update for Grokit, brings an exciting mix of fresh microgame looks, gameplay options, and quality-of-life features.

• New Microgames including SPACE DRAGONS
• Avatar Color Options
• Playlist Creator
• Game Duration Choices
• Difficulty Ratings
• Multiple Levels with New Gameplay Elements

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It’s a sharks for arms feeding frenzy right in your living room. The poor fish never saw it coming.

Claws Out!

Yes, you are a cat! Spread those paws wide to activate your claws and embark on a balloon popping palooza!

Frost Blast

Who let these pesky demons in here? Good thing you shoot ice bolts using your hands. Warning: frozen demons have been known to shatter on your room furniture.

Customize Yourself!

Pick a watch, grab a hat, remake yourself!