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Play FPS.h.a.r.k. for free!

Now you can play FPShark free on iOS and Android! Fire up your S.h.a.r.k. drone and rally your microbot buddies, because FPS.h.a.r.k. is now free to play on iOS and Android devices! The ocean holds many mysteries, treasures, and amazing sea life for you to discover and learn about. The game is free to download […]

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Flip those Fish on Apple Devices

Good news, everyone! Flipping Fish is now available on iTunes so all the Apple fans of the world can join in on the fish tapping frenzy. The download is free so what are you waiting for? Flip those fish! You can also find out more about the game here. In case you missed the link […]

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Flipping Fish! now on Google Play

We have a brand new game available now for Android and coming very soon to iOS. It’s called Flipping Fish! and it is quite addicting to play! Players tend to have a hard time putting it down. There’s just something about the way those fish flip about when you tap them. It’s quite satisfying. You […]

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