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Play FPS.h.a.r.k. for free!

Now you can play FPShark free on iOS and Android! Fire up your S.h.a.r.k. drone and rally your microbot buddies, because FPS.h.a.r.k. is now free to play on iOS and Android devices! The ocean holds many mysteries, treasures, and amazing sea life for you to discover and learn about. The game is free to download […]

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FPS.h.a.r.k. is now in beta!

Ready to go on a new underwater adventure? FPS.h.a.r.k. is currently in beta and will be coming soon to iTunes and GooglePlay! We are busy testing and crushing bugs like a hungry mantis shrimp so you can dive into our beautiful ocean world as soon as possible. What will you and your microbots discover? You […]

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