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VR Sea Legs – Update 13

Production Status: The Lab: We extended the lab area. The player is pulled out of the digital world and into a robot body, and now first arrives in a transport room near the research area. This gives the player more time to practice the hand-guided movement system and provides more opportunities to interact, craft, and […]

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VR Sea Legs – Update 12

OC5 wrapup: It was amazing seeing so many of you at OC5! I’d like to especially thank all of you who stopped by our makeshift booth. Watching people play VR SeaLegs and Slime Rancher VR was an incredible learning experience. We had a great time, with good laughs, silliness, and all-around shenanigans (thanks to Nelia […]

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VR Sea Legs – Update 11

Content Unlocked! Zero Gravity For the final unlock we discover that our Inventor has more than one way to get around the lab… she can turn off gravity and use zero-G thrusters to zip about! We planned this last because users who don’t have experience in VR movement frequently find zero-G thrusters unsettling. At this […]

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VR Sea Legs – Update 10

Content Unlocked! The Digital Lounge This week we’ve unlocked the Digital Lounge – a place where you can kick back and relax. Anyone who’s finding themselves overwhelmed can lower their stress without removing the headset or leaving the experience. The goal here is to cease all motion and let our users just, you know… chill […]

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VR Sea Legs – Update 9

Content Unlocked! Bonus Level: MiniWorld This week we’ve unlocked the MiniWorld! This is a bonus level designed to round out the player’s movement experiences. It’s fun to be tiny, but movement is difficult. This level will use Throw Teleport help the user move vast distances – from a bug’s perspective, that is. Production Status: I […]

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VR Sea Legs – Update 8

Status: We continued working on the Seaside Town level, and to give it a bit more life we added some textures. We reviewed and added our script for the voiceover lines, and on Saturday I recorded my good friend and amazing vocal talent Maureen Honoré. Here’s a bit of the intro and a couple work […]

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VR Sea Legs – Update 7

Project status: This week we integrate Unity’s event system into a 3rd party dialogue system. This allows us to run unity events based on dialogue nodes. We added sample dialogue interactions, more art, and a few sound effects to the Seaside Town. One quîche On a personal note, I have a real problem with sharks, […]

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VR Sea Legs – Update 6

The story: You start in a gray and neutral place. You look around, and a voice begins to speak. She tells you that you are in Conversion. She guides you through the steps necessary to re-embody yourself in her experimental robotic host body, and you enter conventional reality in her laboratory. The mysterious voice is […]

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VR Sea Legs – Update 5

This week we continued to focus on developing our first areas. We settled on a basic look and feel for the Conversion Area, and made final decisions on how the player converts from a digital projection. The basic idea here is that the player will need to build a pattern enhancer (yes, I do love […]

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VR Sea Legs – Update 4

Our first step during design was to develop the methodology behind our choices. Here’s our plan. Read our blog posts to unlock more content! Why should we pick one movement style over another? Which can we trust for VR newcomers, and which are more advanced? We are starting with teleportation as it is the most […]

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