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VR Sea Legs – Update 7

Project status: This week we integrate Unity’s event system into a 3rd party dialogue system. This allows us to run unity events based on dialogue nodes. We added sample dialogue interactions, more art, and a few sound effects to the Seaside Town. One quîche On a personal note, I have a real problem with sharks, […]

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3D Printed SFA Characters Now Available

We are excited to announce that our 3D printed Sharks for Arms game characters are available to buy! They are made of full color sandstone and look spectacular. We were really pleased with how the boy SFA hero came out in our test print. You can check him out in this video: You can also […]

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Sharks for Arms

We thought Shark Week would be the perfect time to announce the new game we are currently developing — Sharks for Arms! And as you may have guessed, the character you play literally has sharks for arms. Sharks for Arms is a story-based side-scroller with fun puzzles, platforming, bad guy chomping action, awesome boss battles, […]

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