VR Movement System 2.0 for Oculus


This is a comprehensive movement system for the Oculus ecosystem, including Oculus Go, Quest, Rift, and Rift S. The goal of this asset is to give you alternatives to VR’s standard teleportation movement system.

We have improved v2 with an easier-to-use Inspector and have made the movement systems modular. This will allow you to test different movement systems more quickly and efficiently. You can also modify them in order to create your own new movement systems.



  • Oculus Quest support
  • Touch Strafe system


  • Oculus Go Support (Some Modules not Compatible)
  • Thrown Object Teleporter
  • Drag World Movement
  • Zero G Thrusters
  • Module System
  • Includes Low Poly Touch Models
  • Thrown Object Teleporter
  • Drag World Movement
  • Thrusters
  • Hand-Guided Movement Mode
  • Point-and-Shoot Rotation Mode
  • Teleportation Mode
  • Stick Rotation Mode
  • Quick Stick Rotate Mode
  • Blink Mode System
  • Keyboard/Controller Debug Movement
  • Line Arc System
  • Rubber Band Movement
  • VR Fade System

Module Information

Modules are used to enhance or replace the default Hand-Guided Movement. The modules are listed below with more information on the module cards.

  • Thrown Object Teleporter
  • Drag World Movement (Think Black and White)
  • Zero G ThrustersHand-Guided Movement (Default)
  • Teleportation
  • Strafe
  • Rotation System
  • Blink System
  • Keyboard/Controller Debug Movement (In Default)
  • Rubber band Movement

Thrown Object Teleporter
Generates an object you throw and then teleport to wherever you throw it. It can even stick to walls.

Drag World Movement
This system allows you to push or pull yourself through the world. Grip the world and move it around.

Thrusters simulate water or space, allowing you to float around the world. You can edit drag and can even give players a brake button to stop themselves from moving.

Hand-Guided Movement Mode
Your movement follows the direction in which you point the controller. Point forward to go forward; point left and you drift in that direction.

Point-and-Shoot Rotation Mode
This rotation mode is best for quick player turns in VR. Simply point the controller in the direction you want to face and press the button.

Teleportation Mode
This simple teleportation scheme can work with a NavMesh, Tagged Colliders, or any other Colliders. Teleportation contains a fading system.

Flight/Grounded Mode
This is a standard FPS movement system that allows you to determine whether the camera is attached to a fixed point above the ground or has freedom of mobility. That is, you can determine whether the camera will move along the ground/terrain or fly.

Stick Rotation Mode
Those with hardier constitutions can use the control stick on the Oculus Touch.

Quick Stick Rotate
Turn 45 degrees, combined with a fade, using the control stick.

Forward-Blink Mode
The character blinks (teleports) to a determinable point.

Keyboard/Controller Debug Movement
This mode allows you to use the system without the Oculus Touch controllers, using either the provided remote or the included Xbox controller.

Line Arc System
A utility script that allows you to draw lines using the line renderer. This system connects two points and generates a parabola. You travel along that path.

Rubber Band Movement
A new, unique system that allows you to place a point. From this point, your speed and direction are based on the distance and location you drag the controller.

VR Fade System
Enable a fade for rotation or teleportation fade-out/fade-in. This works with most headsets. The shader is included.

Emulates the movement that you see in FPS’s using Analog sticks. Note that this module is for more advanced users and can cause simulator sickness in novice players. By default it uses the players Head as the forward direction. This module does not work with the Oculus Go.

Need support?

If you need some assistance with our VR Movement Systems, the best and fastest way to receive support is to post a message on our Discord server. Click the button below to visit our Discord server. You can also go to our Support page for more contact options.