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The Story of 3lb Games

In 2024, with Apple’s entry into the spatial computing market, it’s fairly obvious that virtual, augmented and mixed reality are not just for gaming. Spatial Computing is making inroads into industry, healthcare, education, and how we connect with friends and family. However, the underlying experiences built for these purposes is technology that was created and [...]
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GroKit Core: The tools that made Grokit

If you’ve played the game Grokit, you’ve already held 3lbXR’s spatial computing platform GroKit Core in your hands. 3lb Games makes the most of the GroKit Core platform’s hand-tracking integration in Grokit, a multiplayer, mixed reality game with multiple modes and levels and killer music and graphics. Each of the microgames inside Grokit employs a [...]
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Quest 2 vs Quest 3: Which is the best option for you?

Meta Quest 3 released in October 2023 starting at $500 for the base model. Meta Quest 2, as of this article, remains on the market with a price reduction to $300 for the base model. It’s great to have options as consumers, but if you are trying to decide between Meta’s two consumer headsets, there [...]
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